Every candidate for admission or transfer to the class of Graduate shall satisfy the Institution, through its Council that he or she:

- Has obtained the degree of a Bachelors in Engineering or its equivalent awarded by a University or School of Engineering approved for the purpose by the Institution

- Has passed the technical requirements (technical report and interview) and approved by the Institution to practice as an Engineer.

- No person shall remain a Graduate after 5 years in this class

- Is registered with the Institution of Engineers Rwanda as a graduate member.

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Every candidate shall be eligible for registration as an engineering technologist if that person is That he/she: is a holder of Advanced Diploma(A1) in Technology/ in Engineering or other qualifications from a recognized program of study for the course; Has passed professional assessment conducted by the Institution of Engineers Rwanda.

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The report must be related to the discipline in which the applicant is seeking certification. 

The report must demonstrate engineering, (including elements of design and application of theory).

This will illustrate that the author has a clear understanding and mastery of the subject.

The technical report must attempt to discuss engineering such as:

· Critical analysis of technical issues involved in the implementation of a project.

· Evaluation of alternate resolutions and how the recommendations were derived

· Justification of photographs and figures ( insert source and dates captured)

· Acknowledgement of sources (bibliography, references, and footnotes) that not only

indicate intellectual courtesy and honesty, but also enable the examiner to confirm reference materials.

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